Monday, 9 July 2012

one night stand

be honest.
can't you just be honest?

i am flat on my 
and you crush me with your version of
truth.  and hard as I try, 
I can't read
the rules that rise and set
in the pools of your 

be honest
can't you just be honest?

for i fear that in the 
fragmented pieces of you
I will not find the 
treasures that your body
swears are true 
and now, my head is nodding to the rhythm of 
you plus me
and my foolish form reads your lies as though they were

be honest
can't you just be honest?

because all i really wanted was a little bit of honesty
not all of this. Again it seems 
the exchange value for a few G and T's
is still little more than lies that lie in lust.
and there is never any love to be found
in souls dampened by 
sweat drenched sheets 
and late night promises. 

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