Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bedtime prayers

Dear God.
won't you just set me free?
this is a special kind of misery that I
willingly drown in hopes of something
that never comes.

dear god take this cup - that is, what he said was it not?
yes,take this cup and beating heart,
that dares to dream and dance and kneel before
altars of men who couldn't be bothered
to connect the dots
between what is and what is not.

And,while you're at it take my eyes
so that i am not undone
by their trickery,
which tells me smiles have hidden truths
or the magic to undo
that old devils work.

Dear God won't you release me.
i speak to you as though you were real.
if you were perhaps i'd find
that prayers of this kind
were answered.

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