Monday, 4 April 2011

a small stone - blue eyes

i tried to make this a small stone, but it ballooned itself into a full fledged poem that actually belongs in the genre of spoken word - one day i hope to get the guts up to read my own poems out loud....

Blue eyes

blue eyes
you know the kind -
that kind of blue that sinks so deep into places that you are trying really hard to keep
boarded up and
locked away
until its safe again.

but i see you.
and you have those blue eyes,
that make me feel like maybe its not so bad
not so wrong
to try to put things away
in back pockets to keep for a rainy day
things like heartbreak
and words like soul mates
and pride - foolish foolish pride - that has no place in love anyway.

you've got really blue eyes
the kind that make me want to ...
Try to forget about the last pair of blue eyes
that made me weak in the knees
and foolish and all
girlie like.

You've got amazing blue eyes
and i swear those eyes just smiled at me.
they did, didn't they. cuz your lips smiled too and you just said
'good morning'.
which is two more words than you said last time
i saw those blue eyes on my way to work.

You have crazy blue eyes
and when i walked out the door this morning i said to myself
"today was a day for miracles"
and now here you are with your blue eyes
making me
think that thing i think when i let that sweet girl out of her cage to fling herself
into love.

you've got blue eyes. and a nice smile. and a kind face.

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