Saturday, 21 November 2009

so my therapist said....

i hate Bloggers. well he didn't say that. i did. i hate bloggers. i hate the notion of blogging. I am unsure why people feel the need to share their musings about why the word 'chair' is so strange with the entire universe. I realize that by admitting i hate bloggers, in teh process of writing my own blog is the gravest of contradictions. however, i have a purpose for going over to the dark side. Honest. here are a few to get started.

1) i am an over sharer - i always have been, and for better or worse always will be. I'm like an open book in the best and worst ways, so really i suppose it was only a matter of time before i created a blog...

2) i'm in therapy - and though i've only had one session, i feel as though he will at some point tell me to have a diary or something equally adolescent. Writing is a well known avenue for putting complex emotional states of being into something more tangible where we can figure out what the hell they mean (for those who aren't verbal over sharers like my self anyway) so, by using said blog as a pseudo diary i can do my 'homework' without feeling like a total loser.

3) i have lots of friends - and these friends, will constantly be asking me 'so, how was therapy?' to ensure that everyone gets the same story, every time, and i don't have to kill myself after the 20th or so time i tell the story, i will direct them here instead.

4) advertise the joy of therapy - i really and truly feel that everyone at some point should see a therapist... well at least a good one anyway. and far too many people (when i say people i actually mean strong, independent women) are above therapy... and shouldn't be. So, if by I, a presumably strong, confident, funny (we'll get back to that annoyance later) smart, pretty (not my opinion, but popular belief) woman can admit that she needs therapy... perhaps it will get other strong, confident, funny, smart pretty women to do the same.

so, that's it. this is why i am making a hypocrite out of myself. It's gotta be better than that dude's blog about why he hates cute animals (a funny blog, but wildly useless in the grand scheme of things)

p.s the first thing my therapist said to me was that i have boundary issues. not even slightly surprising.

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