Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flight 666

It's just my nature, I ruin love.
not the love that passes my way,
oh no. I seem to have
the wonderful knack
of ruining the love that sustains
others. the love that seems to be
keeping them on track.
For you see, I am the god of mistakes -
not the ones where you trip and fall
and end up with nose bleeds
revealing your clumsiness
to all.

No. I am the god of lustful ways -
of wandering eyes and
of lingering glances between strangers
who have already clocked the bands of silver and gold
on 4th fingers

I am the god of summer flings-
hot July nights when we have consumed
far too much drink, and
visions and versions of truth have been exchanged
for beer goggles of grey areas of
"what they don't know won't hurt them"

Yes, I am the god of all these things,
I bear the bitter fruits of man's other side
the raging seas of desire crashing into the shores of cerainty,
the calling of "what if's" and " if only s"
the twinkle in my eye makes all things seem
within the reach of possibility
when it's the season of my reign.

It's just my nature, I, ruin love
the antithesis to the virgin Mary -
the doorway to the life you
didn't choose.

I bet you didn't expect to hear that from some random man at the airport. 

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