Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A South African trio

Through clouds,
i am in clouds
to find my way home.
moments, slip and slide like sand and sea
through fingers

and all that work to find
a truth: all is naught
in the absence of love -
we are dis;

and arms are found wanting
were you to me
what i am
to you
perhaps we'd find that we've already
found our way.

rains down on me
in sweet supple
drops of summer in winter.
I remember when these streets were ours
I re-appropriate
my memories
through a new lens that wonders what could have been
had timing not served as the master of our maladies.


I remember why
I struggle
to stand stark against
the threat of invisibility.
all roads lead to you,
we were dressed in shiny coats
cloaks of delusions
rather than be deemed unsuitable...
i wear them still.

good sir you've taught me well
and still
i cannot seem to placate
my dreams
your voice reminds me of my
manifold insufficiencies

each disappointment bears your name
emblazoned in shields and on the blades
that slice through my foolish hoping heart.
i am she, and they, are you.
i still play, the twisted game that leaves me
willingly chasing love that you denied.

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