Wednesday, 23 March 2011

a small stone - the empty office

The empty office

Something is tapping me on the shoulder -it's the breeze and laughter floating up from the street below.

Someone is singing to me.
silence broken only by the clicking of my fingers on the key board and the bubbling bubbling of a near by kettle, but if you listen hard enough, you can hear them - young men and women rediscovering the path to childhood as they run in circles on bright blades of green, hold hands while they watch the clouds shift into mountains, dinosaurs, and a crazy looking car.

Something is tickling me - genius, and the smell of a day that is alive and breathing, embracing spring, teasing me and calling to me from just beyond that window,out that door, down that set of stairs, out into the open air of the real world.

but, I'm in an empty office. and the gift of an empty office reminds me why, on days like this,
every office, should
be empty.

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